TURN POINT MASSACRE – Coming In May of 2020

The pre-order for book #6 of the ongoing San Juan Mystery series is now live HERE.

























Just when you think you’ve given everything evil arrives to take even more…

Intrepid reporter Adele Plank is immersed in her most dire and dangerous mystery yet as she struggles to outsmart a brutal adversary who keeps a deadly promise to return to the San Juan Islands and exact revenge for the death of her brother.

Adele must determine who can and cannot be trusted while also dealing with a very personal crisis that will forever alter the course of her life.

“A fantastic mystery series with a young female protagonist in Adele Plank who is now so much like a real-life friend to me. There is some heart-pounding action, great dialogue, and lots of entertaining interaction between all of the fascinating secondary characters. And of course, there is also the magical San Juan Islands. Each new book is like a reunion with Adele, Tilda, Roland, Lucas, etc. Beautifully told and very hard to put down once you start. Please-please-please keep them coming!” —Lydia Perez

Stay tuned for more updates as the release date draws closer.