To The Readers, THANK YOU

My latest novel, THE WRITER blasted past the Kindle 1000 ranking mark and has spent the last couple of days bumping up against such giants as Stephen King,Christopher Greyson, and D.M. Pulley.

How long this run might last, who knows? What I DO know is how appreciative I am to all of you who have been so supportive of my work. And while for you the reader it is a brief moment of leaving a review, or a few bucks of purchasing the book, for me it is quite literally the ability to support my family.

Your choice allows me a voice.

God bless you for that.




D.W. ULSTERMAN is a bestselling author and socio-political commentator.

His newest novel, THE WRITER is available in e-book and paperback now!

Some secrets are better left dead…



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