The Roche Harbor Mausoleum: A Father’s Devotion Or A Symbol Of His Bitter Resentment? (VIDEO)

Much of my San Juan Islands Mystery series (click the link HERE)  is steeped in the actual history of that storied Pacific Northwest archipelago. Two men, though not direct characters in the books, have been referenced often throughout the series — Robert Moran who constructed what is now the world-famous Rosario Resort on Orcas Island, and John S. McMillin who created what would eventually become the even more famous, Roche Harbor.

It is the latter I want to talk a little about right now, namely the mystery of the McMillin mausoleum that remains a fixture of the Roche Harbor mystique.

Readers of the series might recall a scene at the mausoleum involving Adele Plank, Lucas Pine, and an animal dart. (I won’t say more for those who might not have read it yet.)

Every year thousands of travelers visit the mausoleum and the idyllic cemetery that borders it — and for good reason. It’s a truly unique and mystical place tucked deep within rows of tall pines and madrone trees with peak-a-boo glimpses of the waters of Roche Harbor.

Check it out:

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DEADMAN ISLAND:  Book #7 of the The San Juan Islands Mystery series


Two dead kayakers.

A horrifically injured child.

Somewhere in the dark depths lurks a monstrous beast that threatens the very fabric of the San Juan Islands community. For reporter Adele Plank it is a mystery that will push her to the brink of self-destruction and leave her to face some very hard truths about who she has become and the things she is capable of doing.

Deadman Island: (San Juan Islands Mystery Book 7) by [D.W. Ulsterman]


“A fantastic mystery series with a young female protagonist in Adele Plank who is now so much like a real-life friend to me. Plenty of heart-pounding action, great dialogue, and lots of entertaining interaction between all of the fascinating secondary characters. And of course, there is also the magical San Juan Islands. Each new book is like a reunion with Adele, Tilda, Roland, Lucas, etc. Beautifully told and very hard to put down once you start. Please-please-please keep them coming!” —Lydia Perez