Summer 2020 Update From D.W. Ulsterman…

2020 has been an odd one, yeah?

Hope you are all happy and safe and finding time to enjoy some much-needed summer relief.

As for me, I’m working away at the sequel to The Bowman Boys which I hope to make available before the upcoming 2020 holiday season and then I’ll be jumping back into the San Juan Islands Mystery series with book #7, Deadman’s Island, which currently has a tentative release date of May, 2021. (Adele will, once again, be a very busy young woman.)

For the next month or two I’ll be writing and relaxing in the islands with the Little General aboard our trawler, Liberty Belle, including an extended stay at Deer Harbor which some readers might recall was the location of the very first book in the SJI series, The Writer.

If you look at the photo below you can see the inspiration for Decklan Stone’s private island in the upper right corner directly behind the sailboat masts. Perhaps I’ll buy it someday so we can fully merge this life-imitating-art / art-imitating-life journey I’ve been on in recent years. One can dream!

And likely to be on the playlist while enjoying the seamless complementation of sun and sea that are the San Juan Islands will be this timeless tune that remains a fixture of boat-life both past and present.

Until next time…


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(Author D.W. Ulsterman with his best friend, Dublin.)