Kevin Costner Co-Star, Greg Patmore, Is The Voice of D.W. Ulsterman’s “The Irish Cowboy”

Had a reader recently inquire about the narrator for the audio version of The Irish Cowboy.

He’s the talented actor, Greg Patmore, who also happened to co-star with Kevin Costner in that fantastic Hatfields and McCoys mini-series on A&E a few years back. 

Greg loved the book, asked a lot of questions about the main character, Hap, and then over the course of a couple of weeks, put down a very good version for those who prefer to hear a story vs reading one. And like many of you, he also thought The Irish Cowboy would make a wonderful film. 

Perhaps Mr. Costner, currently working on the very good Yellowstone television series (also located in Montana just like The Irish Cowboy) might help to make it happen.

We can all dream, right? 🙂 Here’s a clip of some scenes Greg had in the Hatfields and McCoys mini-series. In the first one, he’s at the far end of the table across from Costner. In the second scene, he’s engaged in some verbal sparring and then gets cracked on the back of his head.

If you’re interested in getting the audio version of The Irish Cowboy that Mr. Patmore narrated it’s available HERE


THE IRISH COWBOY: A love lost. A family found. A life saved. by [Ulsterman, D.W.]Hatfields & McCoys

THE IRISH COWBOY: A love lost. A family found. A life saved.