It’s That Time Again! Whiskey, Weed, and Warren Zevon… (Bowman Boys: Book Two)

I am pleased to announce that the second installment of The Bowman Boys was just finished.

The Bowman Boys (The Sultan Saga Book 1) by [D.W. Ulsterman]

Now, we send it off to the editors for their review while the cover art folks take a shot at pleasing me as well. I’ll keep you updated as the final improvements are completed and a release date draws near.

And then soon I will be initiating the beginnings of what will become book #7 of the San Juan Islands Mystery series (currently scheduled for a spring/summer 2021 release) which has been generating some BIG sales this past year thanks in great part to all of your word-of-mouth support.

San Juan Islands Mystery


As for my immediate plans, being something of a creature of habit, and as a tip of the hat to two of my favorites, Hank Moody and Charles Bukowski, (who the character of Moody was partly inspired by) I crank up some Zevon and take a moment to appreciate what I hope proves to be a job well done.


Warning: Language


Book Two