“I’m Talking About My Friend, Chris Farley…”

Adam Sandler’s new Netflix standup show is mostly classic Sandler: sophomoric, crass, silly, and mildly entertaining. There is a segment in that special, though, where he transcends the simplistic comedy that has made him a very wealthy man and gives the audience a glimpse of the real Adam Sandler. He’s just a guy who still misses a friend long gone. It is an incredibly poignant moment, one made more so because we are allowed to share Sandler’s pain. It harkens back to a time when SnL was  genuinely funny, less divisive, and far less cruel. Nearly everyone knows of a loss like Chris Farley—that slow-motion, self-destructive human car wreck that proves fatal. Sometimes a life burns so bright and or dysfunctional it inevitably burns out. 

Enjoy, remember, and if you know someone else who is a Chris Farley fan, feel free to share it with them.

(Warning: Profanity)

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