Every 65 Minutes A Veteran Commits Suicide. YOU Can Help To Change That.

Sixty-five minutes.

Another American military veteran gone.

We can do better for those who have already done enough.

My longtime readers know well my feelings regarding the sacrifices our military, both past and present, have and continue, to make on behalf of this nation.

It is with that in mind I give my strongest endorsement of K9sForWarriors , a program that helps to assign our servicemen and women a K9 companion to help battle the lingering mental and emotional aftermath that sometimes accompanies military service.

95% of the dogs used in this program are rescue/shelter dogs, meaning both dog and human are working to help to save the other.

And over 80% of all funds raised go directly to programs serving veterans.

Graduate ImageGraduate ImageGraduate Image

“Our goal is to empower them to return to civilian life with dignity and independence.”


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