Check Out Adele Plank’s Roche Harbor Resort – Home of the San Juan Islands Mystery Series

Just a quick video tour of the garden grounds put together by the fine folks at the Roche Harbor Resort in the San Juan Islands that I thought readers of my San Juan Islands Mystery series might find interesting.

Roche Harbor is the home of series protagonist Adele Plank. She lives in her sailboat at the marina and above that marina is the “Roche Harbor Hotel” (aka the Hotel De Haro) the longtime business residence of Adele’s good friend and confidante, Tilda Ashland. The hotel’s upper balcony is where Tilda holds court over the resort, keeping a sharp eye on all who come and go. On a historical side note, this is also the hotel where John Wayne would often stay during his regular visits to the San Juan Islands and Roche Harbor. They still have the custom made bathtub the hotel had brought in just for him. It’s extra long to accommodate his big frame. Just book the hotel’s “John Wayne room” and you can see and use the tub for yourself.

And if you look up at the far-right corner of the video at the 2:08 mark you can glimpse the new Roche Harbor home of islands banker and Adele’s primary love-interest, Roland Soros – a residence known by the locals as “the castle” as designated in the upcoming book #6 of the series, Turn Point Massacre. (Available now for pre-order on and scheduled for release the first week of May.)

Enjoy the video!  -DWU


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