A Drone Tour Of D.W. Ulsterman’s Roche Harbor

(Be sure to check out the drone video below! Credit: MV Orca)

My regular readers know well my ongoing (and bestselling 🙂 ) SAN JUAN ISLANDS MYSTERY SERIES. A good deal of those stories takes place in one of my favorite locations in all the world – the Roche Harbor Resort on San Juan Island. It is here where the primary protagonist, Adele Plank, resides on a sailboat as she seeks to solve the many mysteries that inevitably find their way to her. Some of the reviews for the series I appreciate most are those from people who say how they enjoyed the description of the islands so much they have added a visit to them onto their bucket list. It is a wonderful thing to have my own love of the San Juans find its way to others. Those islands are truly a beautiful and mysterious place that everyone should have a chance to see at least once. I promise that if you do you won’t regret it.

“It’s as if God shook the paintbrush and then looked down at a perfectly wonderful and contradictory result, and just let it all be.”  –THE WRITER

The building you see overlooking the water on the far left is the harbor’s Catholic Church which performs church service every Sunday for visitors and locals alike.  It is also where the funeral for Lucas Pine’s father in Murder on Matia took place. As you near the end of the dock and to the left you’ll see a large white structure with balconies running the length of the building. In the books this is Tilda Ashland’s hotel. She is often spotted looking out at the goings on at the resort from the top floor balcony. When the video pans around you are looking at the northern waters of Roche Harbor where Adele attempted to escape from the Russian mafia on her boat in both Murder on Matia and Rosario’s Revenge. To the right is the way to Orcas Island, Deer Harbor, and the writer Decklan Stone’s private island home.

I have spent many days walking the docks of Roche Harbor and navigating its waters. God willing, I hope to have many more.  If you’re in the area and happen to see me there feel free to say hello. I’ll be more than happy to sign one of my books for you. -DWU