Yes, I DID Write A Book Three Years Ago About A Deep State Overthrow Of A President & The Government…

I finally got to some reader messages that had been piling up for the last few weeks. Apologies for the delay – I’ve been pretty focused on coordinating the Kindle Scout campaign for my latest novel, SAVAGE. (see link HERE ) Anyways, as I was going through those messages I came across this one from a gentleman named Roybert (that’s how he spells it!) who was kind enough to let me know how much he enjoyed my RACE WARS series. Within that message he included the following:

“…You started this series more than three years ago, right? The Deep State stuff, the government and media sponsored racial tension, the POTUS who is being taken out by the Deep State/scumbag Dr. Hess/Russia & China interference, the rise of the prepper/survivalist movement/food and water shortages/etc., which leaves me asking HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU KNOW ALL THAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?????

And will there be more of these stories coming???? My wife loved the series too!!!”

The thing with Race Wars is that it sort of got stuck in the middle of other novels that were in development around that time, and ultimately took a backseat to my ongoing San Juan Islands Mystery series. The reviews for Race Wars were and continue to be great – if sporadic. This might be due in part to the fact I started it out as a serial series, publishing it in short collections of chapters I called “episodes.” Some readers loved this format – others did not. At any rate, the version Roybert was referring to is the omnibus edition which has all ten seasons/episodes available as a single download. It’s nearly 700 pages of reading!

The comment about his wife enjoying it meant a lot to me as well because Race Wars is very much a “girl power” type story. The women, after some serious challenge, develop into some undeniably tough survivalists. Collectively, the characters represent a broad spectrum of races, religions, ages, and lifestyles, who all work together toward the shared goal of surviving to see another day.

Thanks Roybert for reminding me of the series. I had nearly forgotten all about it and that’s a shame, because Race Wars deserves more of my attention. As to whether or not there will be more added to the Race Wars omnibus – I’ll leave that up to the readers. If enough of them want more I’m happy to give it to them…



America is no more.
The cities are prison camps.
The rural areas are war zones.

“It’s Die Hard meets Braveheart – a great series full of action, intrigue, and hard lessons for an America that needs to pay attention.” -ActionDad

“The most important story you will read this year.” -Chanda Norris