“THE WRITER” Publication Update

Hello everyone!

“The Writer” is currently in the hands of the publisher’s editing team now and the novel should enter its pre-publishing promotion phase within the next couple of weeks and from there, be available to the general public by the end of May/early June. (though that could change per the publisher’s promotion calendar.)

Thank you again to all of you who nominated the story for publication – you should be receiving your FREE e-book version around the first week or two of May.

Some secrets are better left dead…

College journalist Adele Plank has been granted a rare interview with one-time bestselling author, Decklan Stone. He is a man largely withdrawn from the world following the tragic death of his young wife twenty-seven years earlier. Adele ventures to the writer’s remote, private-island home in the beautiful San Juan Islands, and there begins a journey of dangerous discovery that will have her scrambling to unravel a mystery far more shocking and deadly than she could have ever imagined.


THE WRITER’s campaign page can still be accessed  HERE . You can no longer nominate it but you can still check out the free excerpt of you like.