Whiter Teeth And Healthier Gums With Oil Pulling? Really? YES!

It was some two years ago I saw the first article on the benefits of “oil pulling” as something that could literally help to turn back years of abuse taken on by your chompers -n- gums. Nonsense, I thought. Yet another natural remedy that will come and go like so many others. Since that time came another report, then another, until finally I though perhaps, maybe, probably not but just maybe, there might be something to this “oil pulling” stuff as far-fetched as it might seem.

So I tried it.


Guess what?



I’ve read up on it, including the explanations of coconut oil’s anti-bacterial properties, how the oil literally “pulls” the bad little mouth gremlins into itself after which you can then spit it out.

I don’t understand the science of any of that, but I can now say without a doubt, oil pulling works.


The last time I was at the dentist he declared the state of my chompers as “not bad” for a man in his early 40’s who might have brushed a bit too enthusiastically in his youth,(And here I thought brushing hard was brushing good!) who didn’t floss as regularly as he should, and who was known to drink thousands of cups of coffee, tea and glasses of wine over the years. (Oh, and the whiskey too…)


My smile didn’t shine quite as brightly as before, there was some gum recession in places, etc.  But – all in all, “not bad” which for me sounded a whole lot more like, “not good.”

So then came this oil pulling thing. I normally initiate the oil pull just before getting into the shower which makes the “swishing” time a bit easier to navigate. ( 10-20 minutes of swishing something in your mouth feels like a long time at first but you adapt quickly.)  Put a small spoonful of coconut oil (other natural oils can be used as well but don’t taste as nice), allow it to melt in your mouth, and then swish it around for 10-20 minutes before spitting it out.  (If you spit it down the sink make sure to run some hot water for a while after or else just use a paper cup and throw away to avoid the oil getting cold, hardening, and clogging the plumping.)


I also like to brush a bit of it on my teeth after the full on oil pulling process and then leave it there.


Day One my mouth felt a bit fresher to be sure.

Day Two my teeth felt smoother and I slept better that night. Not sure if the sleep thing is related, but the fact is, I’ve been sleeping better every night since adding oil pulling to my daily teeth -n- gums routine. I haven’t read anything about that kind of benefit before though so who knows?

Day Three and I thought my gums looked “nicer” – fewer reddish areas, more pink/healthy, etc.  I wondered though if that was due more to the fact it was what I wanted to see.

Day Four and I had to admit my gums were definitely looking improved from last week and lo and behold, my teeth were noticeably whiter.

By the end of the first week the overall health of my mouth was undeniably improved and I was still sleeping better at night. Again, I don’t know if the two are related, but the better sleeping matched up exactly with the oil pulling. Oh, and the traditional morning “death breath” was much improved as well!

Whiter teeth, healthier/fuller gums, fresher breath, better sleep…I can’t believe how well this oil pulling thing is working out!


I don’t think I’ve ever endorsed a natural remedy type thing on this blog before, but I’m doing so now. I picked up a jar of natural/organic coconut oil at Target for about $6. I’d consider that very reasonable given the benefits. It’s readily available elsewhere as well like Trader Joes and/or online via Amazon.com.


Try it and you might soon find yourself like me – amazed at the results.





D.W. Ulsterman  is an author and freedom-loving political commentator.

(And now with a brighter smile!)

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