TO MY READERS: You Sent Your Prayers To A Young Woman Fighting Cancer. Yesterday She Was Married. Here’s A Video Of That Day.

Weeks earlier I shared with all of you a bit of an ongoing real-life story of survival titled, The Children of Agent Orange.

It detailed how a young woman who is part of my wife’s extended family recently lost her older brother to cancer. A year later she was diagnosed with cancer as well. It spread to her brain. Then her father, a Vietnam War fighter pilot, died in a motorcycle accident shortly after she was engaged to be married. He was riding his recently deceased son’s prized Harley on his way to a memorial for the best friend of Heather’s fiancé. It has been a shockingly tragic chain of events for this family over the last few years. I ended that blog with the following:

P.S. If any of you would care to send a quick prayer out to Heather she sure could use it.

Many of you did – and thank you so much for that.

Heather is still fighting. The outlook is tough. She could still use your prayers.

Heather was married yesterday. Her diagnosis required that she move the wedding date up. The community rallied and the location, catering, flowers, and music, were all donated by various local small businesses. It was a day that depicted the better side of our shared humanity. A day free from petty jealousies and discontent. We were all there simply to celebrate this precious and precarious thing we call life.

It was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever been blessed to be a part of. There was joy and laughter, hope and sadness, and I left there more grateful for what I have – and what I don’t.

I’ll be quiet now and let the following video do the talking, but before I go I’ll again ask that you send a quick prayer Heather’s way.

She is fighting so hard…

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