The School Kids Of This Country Deserve REAL Solutions Regarding School Safety, Mental Illness, And Gun Rights/Gun Control

The School Kids Of This Country Deserve REAL Solutions Regarding School Safety, Mental Illness, And Gun Rights/Gun Control and right now they aren’t getting it.

We have screaming from the left and screaming from the right, with ample amounts of hyperbole suffocating common sense and a genuine desire to get something done.

First and foremost is school safety which has almost nothing to do with gun control. Right now the vast majority of our schools invite violence.

I’ll say that again. Our schools invite violence.

They declare themselves “gun free.” They are not secure. They are often built in such a way that classes are spread out across vast campuses that are nearly impossible to patrol.

Almost every critical rule of safety is broken by our current school protocols.

And yet these failings are what could most quickly and effectively be fixed but so few in the media are calling for these fixes.

It’s mind-boggling to see media pundits say with one side of their mouths how important it is to keep our school kids safe while then focusing almost entirely on the weapon used and not the environment which allowed for its use in the first place.

So much went so wrong in Parkland, Florida. Law enforcement, including the FBI, were notified multiple times about the threat the shooter posed. Those warnings were apparently not enough. The system failed everyone – particularly those seventeen who died and their families. They deserved so much better.

Yes, we can continue to have debates/discussions on guns, gun rights, the 2nd Amendment, etc., but our kids need to be made safer RIGHT NOW.

Why not provide them more armed protection on campus? We use armed protection for multiple public venues – why not for our school kids? It could be done quickly and provide considerably more protection to our students that what they have now. Some have suggested police substations to be placed on school campuses. What a great idea! Simple, effective, and again, relatively low-cost.

Make our schools more secure. Require visitors to be buzzed in. Again, it can be done quickly and cheaply. Why haven’t we done it already? (Like many of you I’ve been asking that a lot lately.)

This obsessive (and terribly divisive) focus on this gun or that gun is doing our kids a terrible disservice.  The list of other potential weapons goes on and on. Removing a certain type of gun does not make our schools safer and anyone who argues it will is lying. The issue of school safety requires truth – not lies. Again, I’m not saying we can’t have a discussion on guns. Far from it. But that discussion should not be the beginning or the end of what is a critical school safety issue.

I am certain there is a disturbed someone out there right now contemplating doing harm to students. As our political leaders and media pundits argue guns, our school children continue to be put in danger. That should be unacceptable to every single one of us.

We must do better. Speak out on real solutions that will actually make our schools safer – before it’s too late.





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