The Obama Attack On Small Business Almost Nobody Is Talking About…

The Obama White House has recently assured its big union supporters its plans to make small businesses across the country far more vulnerable to potential union influence far easier than it was just a few short years ago.

This has organized labor licking its collective chops over the thought of moving into tens of thousands of businesses across the nation and unionizing workers and then collect hundreds of millions in new union due fees each year.

You thought it was already tough to start and then maintain a small business in America these days? If the Obama administration has its way, it’s about to get a whole lot tougher…

The law is called the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act. It works to prevent business owners from speaking directly to workers about potential unionization of their business. While the law has been around for decades, the Obama administration has recently expanded the pro-union powers of the law while greatly reducing a business owner’s ability to counter unionization attempts. The law is set to be fully implemented via the Obama administration before the end of 2015.

Once the new rules take effect, a business owner will have just two weeks to try and negotiate with its own workers regarding forming a union. In the past they had two months. Also, any communications the business has with workers and/or outside legal representation/lobbying etc. regarding pending unionization must be reported to the federal government.

This is the part of the newly expanded powers of the law known as the “persuader rule” that is most troubling to small business owners who lack the resources to comply with such a demand. It places the business owner at a distinct disadvantage to a well funded union group simply coming in and within a matter of two weeks, effectively taking over the day to day operations of that business with the full backing (and power) of the federal government to do so.

American small business has historically been a segment of the population Big Government Democrats have found themselves unable to completely control. Small business owners tend to be more independent-minded and thus, politically unpredictable. That has made them a target for attempted control by politicians like Barack Obama who strongly favor centralized control over nearly all facets of American life.

That attempted control is now about to be unleashed upon this country’s small businesses, both present and future, and nothing good in the way of freedom, liberty, innovation, and jobs will come of it. Unions have long communicated the lie that they “fight” for the Middle Class. Not true. What unions want is CONTROL of the Middle Class, and the Obama administration is now moving quickly to help them do just that.



D.W. Ulsterman is a liberty-loving author and political commentator.

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