‘The Bowman Boys Are Special.’ Why yes they are…

So the brand new novel THE BOWMAN BOYS is out and about making new friends, possibly a few enemies, as it enjoys a reasonably strong foothold within the all-important Amazon charts.

Initial reader feedback has been overwhelmingly positive (thank you for that!) as both male and female readers alike find themselves charmed by the rather roguish “do it our way” Bowman clan.

A few of you have already messaged me privately asking for more details on the Bowmans. I’ll take a moment now to answer some of them as best I can.

First, will there be more Bowman Boys books to follow? The answer is I hope so. Ultimately it depends on how the first one is received longer term.

Second, are the Bowmans based on a real family? Yes and no. I’m more comfortable saying they and the entirety of the first story are inspired by real people and events. I know them well. Almost as well as I know myself.

Third, is the prevailing theme one of family or of putting up a middle finger to societal rules and requirements? The answer to that is yes and yes. My longtime readers know by now my personal political leanings tend to run along the “leave people alone to do and be what they want” side of the road. The Bowmans work very hard to remain independent of outside obligations which of course puts them on a collision course with those who would bring them to heel.

Society, religion, the creeping encroachment of technology, all play a part in the Bowman family’s quest to be the masters of their own destinies. If you have ever resisted being told what to do, if you’ve ever questioned the wisdom of government authority, or have concerns about how technology is replacing basic humanity, then you’ll find common ground with the Bowmans.



The Bowman Boys is available via e-book HERE and paperback HERE