Thank You To Hercy A. Lord and M. Thompson !

Truly appreciate all the readers who take a moment to post an all-important review at the Amazon site.  Here are the first two for the just- published THE IRISH COWBOY :

The Irish Cowboy is a 10 STAR NOVEL – MY HIGHEST PRAISE! The Author has outdone himself!

The Irish Cowboy is one of the best books this old lady has ever read, and that numbers in the many thousands, and various genres!!!! Be prepared to cheer, to boo, to cry and to THINK! There are many facets to this story (I have read every one of this author’s books), and the author has reached the pinnacle with The Irish Cowboy A complex hero, backed up by other good men and women, and take on the EVIL Bureau of Land Management and corrupt politicians. A love story for the ages! If you love the concept of a Free America, and those few left who have the TRUE pioneer spirit, and a tender love story – READ this book! Then enjoy Mr. Ulsterman’s other books, and visit his website for commentary on current events.

-Hercy A. Lord


The story moved along at a good pace and was well written

Wow! My biggest problem with this book was not to wake my husband up with my crying. I do not cry much so this took me by surprise. Also, it kept me up until 4 a.m. until I finished the book.
I cared about these characters within the first few pages. This is a very timely story since a rancher was threatened by the Feds. recently. The story moved along at a good pace and was well written. ULSTERMAN has done it again! One of my favorite things is having a new Ulsterman book on my iPad.

-M. Thompson / Vine Voice