Real Men Sing To Their Ladies In The Car: Keith Urban & Nicole Kidman: The Fighter

Love this!

Country music star Keith Urban and his fellow-Australian wife and Oscar-winning actress, Nicole Kidman, have been together for more than a decade, which in the entertainment industry, is nearing record years.

Here they are doing a behind-the-wheel serenade from a track off Mr. Urban’s most recent bestselling release, Ripcord.

Judging by the looks Nicole is giving her husband, she approves of the effort…

Now waaaaay back in the sillier, more carefree-days of youth, I would do a similar serenade of various songs to the Little General as we were on the road on our way back to University in my classic 1968 BMW. (I converted the entire backseat into a subwoofer! That little car went BOOM-BOOM-BOOM.)

A song I sang out loud to her with particularly dramatic flair and gusto, (attempted falsetto included) was a little number called, She Drives Me Crazy.

And she’s still driving me crazy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Real men sing.

Yes, yes they do…


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