A Reader Asked Me If I Believe In Demonic Possession. Here’s My Answer…

A reader recently finished my Bennington P.I. series that concluded with the primary protagonist, a man by the name of Frank Bennington who is a former D.C. politico turned private investigator, finding himself working a case that places him within, “the world behind the world.”

That was the last story of the four-book series (at least for now) titled, BENNINGTON P.I. ILLUMINATI

Without giving too much away for those who might want to read it, the story’s plot has Frank (who already knows plenty about the secret machinations of American politics) discovering just a small part of the manipulations that attempt to move outcomes for or against a particular group against the other – a basic good vs evil if you will. Within that discovery, he realizes that almost every major world event was the result of said manipulation and that this longtime secret war being waged is for the soul of all humanity.

As he goes deeper into this hidden world that exists right in front of all of us, he is reacquainted with a character named Gabriel from the previous Bennington story, TAKE TWO AND CALL ME IN THE MORGUE.

It is Gabriel and his counterpart, Malthus, two sides of the same spiritual coin, one facing heaven, and the other facing hell, and their long-in-the-making relationship that forms  BENNINGTON P.I. ILLUMINATI‘s conclusion. And it is THAT conclusion that led a reader to recently ask me if I believed in demonic possession. (They loved the story by the way.)

Let’s get to answering that question then, shall we?


I absolutely believe in the possibility that such possession can be real because, quite simply, I believe that evil itself is real. I have felt its dark whisper in my own ear from time to time.

“It would be soooooo eeeasssssy….”


If some of you think that makes me a quack, that’s fine – I won’t hold it against you. 🙂

In fact, as I took on the story of BENNINGTON P.I. ILLUMINATI I researched that very subject as part of a larger review of the legends of heaven and hell and the space in between. With the modern phone, footage of such things is becoming more common. Much of it can be dismissed as fake, but from time to time I would see something that gave me that familiar chill one gets when you realize you might very well be seeing what you’re really seeing.

This video is such an example of what I feel could very well be, the real thing.

The Devil is a nasty f*ck, and as has been said many times before, his greatest weapon is the widespread belief that he doesn’t exist. That allows for the proverbial foot in the door, the face pressed against the glass just outside your window, that unexplained cold chill you feel in those lonely hours of darkness that is his breath upon your own fragile salvation.

WARNING: If you scare easily over such things, don’t watch this…


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