I have to admit to being somewhat fascinated by the feedback to an episode series of short stories I began publishing last week titled, RACE WARS.  While most have simply said they are enjoying it, some readers have suggested the stories will create a backlash and I will inevitably be marked a racist, hate-monger, paranoid, etc.

While I appreciate those concerns, I would also admit to already having been called all of those things and much-much worse.

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I also have a suspicion those most “concerned” for my well being have yet to actually read the episodes. If they had they would recognize that there is no pointing fingers of blame at any particular group of people based on skin color, especially by the second and third episodes. There are villains to be sure, but color has little to do with what the evils they have in store for an America gone mad.

The question of WHY, has also been raised.

Fair enough, let me briefly explain.

I was inspired both by the recent rash of race-based rioting that has permeated various locations across America, and zombie stories. You see, zombies have most often been monstrous representations of society itself: mindless, selfish, quick to anger, always hungry to have more of that which belongs to others.

Pretty much a mob burning its own neighborhood.

In RACE WARS, instead of the zombies being representative of humans, the humans represent zombies. Or to put it another way, people are capable of being monsters all by themselves. In that respect, there is an underlying horror-story theme present in RACE WARS, but the stories are also very much based in the reality of “this could actually happen.”

That is the part which I find most disconcerting. America appears more capable of doing more harm to itself than at any point in my own lifetime. Some have suggested we are seeing the very worst aspects of the tumultuous 1960’s being played out once again. That might very well be right given so many of the most radical participants of that era are now running the country. What they could not accomplish from the outside they now intend to succeed in doing from the inside – namely breaking apart the very foundations upon which this country was founded.

My intention is to have RACE WARS shock, entertain, inform, and most importantly, serve as a warning of what could happen so very easily, and so very quickly.


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Until then, take care and thank you for your continued support of my work and look for Episode Four to become available for download by the end of this week.  You can access all of the episodes  HERE.