WE Did It!!! My Newest Novel, “THE WRITER” Has Been Chosen For Publication!!!

Man-oh-man am I truly grateful to my readers.

I am both humbled and grateful to those of you who took a moment to read the excerpt and then nominate The Writer for publication via Kindle Press.

After the nomination process which showed the work had considerable interest, the publisher spent some time reviewing the manuscript after which I was notified just this morning that THE WRITER has been selected for publication.

Some secrets are better left dead…

College journalist Adele Plank has been granted a rare interview with one-time bestselling author, Decklan Stone. He is a man largely withdrawn from the world following the tragic death of his young wife twenty-seven years earlier. Adele ventures to the writer’s remote, private-island home in the beautiful San Juan Islands, and there begins a journey of dangerous discovery that will have her scrambling to unravel a mystery far more shocking and deadly than she could have ever imagined.


The process now is a bit of crossing some t’s and dotting some i’s, signing of contracts, etc., and then those of you who nominated the book will receive a FREE pre-release e-book version! (AWESOME) Once you have read it you are encouraged to leave a review which will then aid the title as it goes through its pre-publication promotion period and then it’s released to the general public after that.

YOU helped to make this happen. I wrote the story, but you all helped to give it actual LIFE.

Bless you all and I hope the novel lives up to your expectations. Consider it my personal love letter to a part of the world I care deeply for and it it proves to be well-received, my intention is to make it into an ongoing series via the female protagonist and the assortment of unique island characters.

THE WRITER’s campaign page can still be accessed  HERE . You can no longer nominate it but you can still check out the free excerpt of you like.


Christ Craft-1






ABOVE: Author D.W. Ulsterman’s classic red, white, and blue-hulled Chris Craft, most often seen in the summer months exploring the San Juan Islands, the location of his soon-to-be published novel, THE WRITER. Rumor has it that if you spot him in the summer tied up at one of the area’s many marinas, the author is happy to stop and sign one of his books for you, so long as you ask nicely. And if you offer him up a glass of Bushmills (he likes it clean) by way of compensation, you might just have a friend for life…