A Much Loved Character – The Mac Walker Story

18 months ago, the character of Mac Walker first introduced itself to readers in the context of my first full novel, DOMINATUS.


Since then, Mac’s story has extended tTUMULTUSMAC WALKER’S BENGHAZIMAC WALKER’S BETRAYAL, and most recently, MAC WALKER’S 40,000 FEET.

Over that time, I have grown quite fond of Mac, and hope to include yet another chapter to his story later next year.


For now though,  I thought I would share a bit about how Mac Walker’s tale currently plays out in the five available novels, as his character developed a bit differently than most of his action/thriller contemporaries in that readers were first introduced to him as a much older man than he is in the most recent Mac Walker novel –  40,000 Feet.


My wife remarked that it made learning about Mac more interesting that way.  We first see him as the man he becomes, and are then able to go back and find out the journey that brought him there, while also noting that the common elements of a confident man of action always remain throughout his adult life.  Calling Mac Walker a man of action does not make him invincible though, even in the stories where he is a younger man at the peak of his physical powers.  I too often find the main characters of the action/thriller genre to be near-superhuman.  Mac gets hurt, has errors in judgement, and often needs the help of others.  It’s those equal parts impressive fighter, and vulnerability that makes the telling of his story more interesting to me, and hopefully then, more interesting to the readers as well.  Mac also becomes over time, even as his physical strength diminishes, an even more formidable figure due to his improved mental approach in how to defeat his enemies.


It is the error in judgement that plays such a pivotal role in MAC WALKER’S BENGHAZI, that will later lead to Mac’s near obsessive determination to protect those around him that is later seen in both DOMINATUS and TUMULTUS.  Mac Walker is quite aware of his past mistakes, mistakes that contributed to the death of others, and carries that awareness within himself for the remainder of his days. It’s an element of his character that manifests in the spiritual conflict he faces throughout TUMULTUS.


Some have asked if they should read Mac’s story in chronological order, starting with MAC WALKER’S 40,000 FEET, and ending with TUMULTUS, or start with DOMINATUS and go from there.  I feel either way would work.  Each novel can be read as a stand alone, though certainly reading them all provides a great deal of back story and development that adds to the reader’s understanding of Mac and the events that shape him.  Also included are the three free Mac Walker short stories as well, MAC WALKER’S BULLETMAC WALKER’S REGRET, and MAC WALKER’S HUNTED.


If I were to choose how I would approach all of the books, I might start with DOMINATUS and TUMULTUS, and then go to 40,000 FEET, then BENGHAZI, and finally end with BETRAYAL.  That said, one could just as easily start with 40,000 Feet and read Mac’s story chronologically too, ending with Tumultus.  Whatever works!


I would also like to mention the subtle links already created  between Mac Walker and Frank Bennington.  Each character has made an appearance in the telling of the other’s tale, a condition reinforced by some of the secondary characters crisscrossing both men’s stories as well.  In my next Bennington novel, which I hope to have ready in the fall of 2014 after publishing The Irish Cowboy this summer, this dynamic will play out once again, but on a much more integrated level than has been included before.

A very important figure from  DOMINATUS  will be introduced in full within the next Bennington P.I. novel – a man who knew well both Frank Bennington and Mac Walker, and used each man to combat the forces of evil that were pushing the world toward the apocalyptic nightmare seen in DOMINATUS and TUMULTUS.


Remember the last Bennington story,“Take Two And Call Me In The Morgue”, left with Frank getting ready to take a very important call – a call he is urged to answer by the mysterious Gabriel.


Think you know who is on the other end of that line?