Jeremy Clarkson Preparing New Show With Netflix?

The longtime presenter of the most watched show on earth, Top Gear, is said to be in negotiations to bring another Top Gear-like program to viewers in the coming year. Clarkson was infamously sacked recently by the BBC following an alleged altercation he had with a producer on the show.

The top gear boys out in london today

(ABOVE: British media are reporting the three former Top Gear presenters met privately this week with some suggesting it was to confirm plans with Jeremy Clarkson regarding development of an all-new car show to topple the BBC’s Top Gear. Others suggest it could also be Clarkson’s attempt to force the BBC’s hand and allow his return to the wildly popular show.)


Co-presenter James May, aka “Captain Slow” already indicated he would not be renewing his contract. He went on to suggest being part of Top Gear without Clarkson simply wouldn’t work. As for Richard Hammon, he has been less available to the media, but that may be due in part to his attempts to terminate his current BBC contract, thus allowing him to join the all new Clarkson program.


Netflix is said to have expressed considerable interest, and is willing to pay the show’s producers and presenters handsomely to have the opportunity to go one-on-one with the BBC.


Until then, we will have to make do with re-runs of what remains the single best program in automotive history. This was a personal laugh out loud moment!



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