Here’s Your Chance To Give Life To The Little Novel That Could…

A few weeks earlier I said this in a post about my new novel SAVAGE:

 …SAVAGE is a bit of the Old West meets The Sixth Sense – a cowboy ghost story that tips the hat toward traditional Americana with a determined and proud young woman as its primary protagonist.
 Please note the use of “traditional” in my description of the story. That same word was used as a negative by a publisher who rejected the manuscript. Again, rejection is part of this writing gig I so happily work at. Yet, to have someone call SAVAGE “too traditional” as justification for not publishing it doesn’t sit well with me.
 Too traditional? What does that even mean? Do they feel SAVAGE has too much emphasis on family history – the bonds between parents and children and their offspring? Were the repeated references to personal freedom and opportunity that were so prevalent during America’s early 20th century deemed outdated and no longer applicable to modern readers? Or perhaps it was its anti-conformity and anti-establishment message that had Morning leaving college in favor of a classroom of Montana earth and open sky that turned publishers sour?
 I don’t really know, but I hope that’s not the case. The ongoing success of The Irish Cowboy tells me there still remains a market for stories like SAVAGE.

Today is your chance to help me push back against the publishing industry gatekeepers and help them to understand that there is a large and enthusiastic audience of readers for stories like SAVAGE. Below is a link to the book’s Kindle Scout page. Just click the nominate button and we’ll then wait together and see if the fine folks at Kindle Press will choose to publish it. If they do publish SAVAGE, anyone who nominated it will get a FREE copy. Pretty cool, huh?

You can go to the nomination page HERE

After you nominate SAVAGE, let other readers in your circle of family and friends know about the opportunity to get a free copy.

Thank you so much for the help. We should know by early February if Kindle Press gives SAVAGE a yes or a no.

Until then, we wait…