Gosling’s ‘First Man’ Lands With A Thud As Patriotic Audiences Stay Away

After months of hype, tens of millions of dollars in slick television and social media promotional campaigns, Universal released the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man in 3640 theatres across America.

The result? It’s fallen faster than a fat man with wax wings pushed from a 747 at 40,000 feet holding nothing but a bucket of extra crispy drumsticks.

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Studio execs will no doubt attempt to gloss over the most glaring reason why – the omission of the American flag being planted onto the moon’s surface by Mr. Armstrong himself. That omission created an outcry among would-be moviegoers who could not understand why such a monumental achievement would be eliminated from the story’s telling. Even Armstrong’s own family protested – but to no avail.

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(Above: Hollywood would have audiences believe this iconic moment never happened.)

The film’s director, Damien Chazelle, earlier suggested he wanted the moon landing to be seen more as an achievement for humanity and not merely one of the United States. Audiences are clearly seeing it differently. To reform history in such a way is offensive to those who know that history and therein lies the film’s major flaw. Younger moviegoers have little to no interest in seeing a Hollywood version of an event that took place some 50 years ago. They are a generation beholden to superheroes, cartoons, and musicals. For them real history is just that—too real which in their minds equals boring. And for the older generation who does recognize and appreciate the moon landing, a fake version is inherently repulsive to those who actually lived it, especially when that fakeness is the direct result of attempted political correctness that would have an audience believe ‘America didn’t do this—we all did.’

No, it was America that landed on the moon because of the courage of men like Neil Armstrong who was willing to risk everything to try and do so.

Rumors are rampant that one of if not the primary reason for the flag being wiped from ‘First Man’ is that Chinese financial interests demanded it. This is an ongoing dark secret in Hollywood—the influence of billions of dollars representing foreign interests that are often in direct conflict with American ideals. These billions permeate Hollywood studios, television and news networks, and social media sites. Nations like China and Saudi Arabia, long known for being the worst human rights offenders on the planet, have been pouring money over the last two decades into the platforms that help to form public opinion in this country.

How better to shape current and future understanding of American history than to rewrite that history into a version more accommodating to Chinese interests?

If that sounds overly conspiratorial then you haven’t been paying attention. Do just a little research and what is outlined above will be realized.

It would make quite a movie, wouldn’t it? But something tells me that in this current climate of foreign investment that now dominates Hollywood, it won’t be a movie that would ever see the light of day.




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