So many good bands out there deserving to break out big.

Whiskey Meyers is among the most deserving. Definite Skynyrd/Black Crowes vibe – which is always a good thing. A band both musically and lyrically strong.

Check ’em out below and give ’em some love…


This one is titled Dogwood, an upbeat (yet melancholy) hillbilly country number that gets the toe tappin’ and delivers a message I knew all too well a long time ago…

“…Used to talk about forever. That was a million miles ago…”


This one is, Broken Window Serenade. An all too often true story in many parts of America.

“You make your deal with the devil as your looks begin to fade. I saw you laughing through the tears as you slowly slipped away…”


And here is the band’s one almost hit – Ballad of a Southern Man:

Grandmas in the kitchen;
Papas done past on;
we sit out on the front porch,
just a pickin’ on the songs;
and there’s a bible on the table,
cause he bleed for what we have,
and that’s the ballad of a southern man,
I guess that’s something you don’t understand.



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His works of pro-freedom fiction are available for purchase: HERE

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