FYI Regarding RACE WARS Series & Current Chicago Demonstrations…

Regarding the Chicago demonstrations and the significant parallels to my RACE WARS series. I had a reader message me this morning a little freaked out by how my story starts with a shooting of a young, unarmed black man in Chicago by a white police officer which then results in city riots that initially attack local businesses. The series started several months earlier and well before today’s demonstrations that hopefully don’t devolve into rioting.


“Modern-day Nostradamus” was the phrase she used.

The parallels are striking, I admit but I am not personally comfortable with that comparison. I will instead share here the note I provide at the beginning of the series itself as an explanation of its accuracy:


In the short time since the Race Wars series became available the interest and feedback generated has been considerable.

It is no doubt a controversial subject but one I feel has been handled with an obligation of fair warning to those who share with so many others the concerns over the dangerous abyss America now finds itself staring down into. Hopefully – and I mean this sincerely, we ALL step back from that precipice and do some serious reconsideration regarding the path this nation has been on in recent years and the country we hope to leave future generations.

RACE WARS is conjecture based upon fact. I take little pleasure in creating a frightening world that so closely mirrors the actual one, but it is done as much out of a sense of duty as it is one of creative enterprise.

I pray (often) that the world depicted in this ongoing series does not come to pass.

Hope for the best.

Prepare for the worst…

-D.W. Ulsterman