Enjoy This FREE Excerpt From: RACE WARS Season Eight

The 8th Season of the ongoing RACE WARS series is to be released very soon.

Enjoy the free excerpt below and stay tuned for further updates. And thank you to all those who have been asking how Preacher, Silas, Sabina, and Tom Dolan, etc. have been doing as they battle the evil machinations of Dr. Fenwick Sage and the Beast. Your interest in the series is very much appreciated!



…Sanchez remained standing on the other side of the admiral’s desk with his hands behind his back.

“Did you hear me, Ensign?”

“Sir, if I may have an opportunity to share my thoughts further.”

Briggs began to push against his temples with his fingers as he shut his eyes tightly together and tried to focus the pain out of his head.

“Go ahead, Ensign, proceed.”

“Thank you, sir. I have to re-affirm my position regarding this matter. We need to remember that Dr. Sage remains the most capable resource we have at our disposal for maintaining order in the urban areas. He seems to have an affinity for keeping people in line.”

The admiral opened his eyes and lifted his head to look up at the younger military officer.

“He’s a cold-blooded killer who I should have disposed of long before now. There’s a difference between maintaining order and a damn American holocaust, Ensign Sanchez. I’ve been told he’s placed thousands into internment camps and actually started to burn some of them. And don’t forget, he has his enemies too. I’ve heard those short-wave radio broadcasts. Someone else out there clearly knows who he is and what he’s about and appears to be using Sage’s atrocities to recruit some kind of viable resistance force against him.”

Sanchez nodded while he watched the admiral’s face suddenly turn bone-white.

“True, but to remove him now would also remove any doubt regarding just how dire our situation really is. The United Nations would have no choice but to intervene, which is exactly what Russia and China are hoping for. Sage’s penchant for brutality is also what makes him valuable to us.”

Briggs shut his eyes tight again. The headache was worsening to the point of debilitating him entirely. He gritted his teeth, determined to finish the conversation with Sanchez.

“I gave my order, Ensign. I want Dr. Sage taken from Chicago and put into a holding cell in this facility by this time tomorrow – no exceptions. He is to face charges of treason.”

At the very moment Admiral Briggs closed his eyes again in an attempt to cope with the worsening headache, he heard the clicking sound of his office door being locked from the inside.

“I truly am sorry to hear that, sir.”

The admiral’s eyes opened to the sight of a gun being pointed at his face.