My Daughter Graduates High School Today. And My Back Hurts…

I think I might be getting old. Not just “older” but legitimately old.

Today my youngest graduates high school. In a few months she will be off to university. Ah, the tuition joys of having two kids in college at the same time! 

This week has been dominated by rental-property related stress. Bad contractors leaving work to be cleaned up by a far more competent one. (Shout-out to Randy and Tanya!)

The landscaper bailed so I had to scramble to get another one to replace him. I’m kind of obsessive about keeping the grass mowed. It’s a big “lawn” – about two acres. If I didn’t live two hours from the rental property I’d do it myself.

I didn’t get home until nearly 11:00 last night. The Little General had a hug and a glass of whiskey waiting. She’s good like that. A keeper for sure.

Then I remembered today was Graduation Day. My little girl done growed up on us.

I was tired. Now I’m exhausted. And my back hurts. I fear the gray hair is preparing for a full on assault and I’m pretty sure that same hair on my head has stopped growing while the hair in my nose and ears is taking up the slack.


It just rolls on even when you wish it would slow down a bit.




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