D.W. Ulsterman’s Thoughts On Last Night’s Election Results: “Republicans Lost Because They Deserve To.”

I’ll keep this one relatively brief…

I have to smile a bit at the near-breathless headlines from the media. Words like “tsunami” and “landslide” are common. Make no mistake, Democrats had a good night and Republicans didn’t in state elections across the country but it was hardly a mandate against the current president so much as apathy from Republican voters largely unhappy or disinterested in the machinations of a party that no longer stands for much of anything beyond the fear of not maintaining power.

Will this sentiment lead to even more sweeping change in next year’s Midterms? Yes, it could and if it does these Republicans deserve to lose just like they deserved to lose last night. They truly are a pathetic bunch and if figures like Paul Ryan and others are somehow sent packing this time next year I won’t miss them one bit. The real wake-up call for them following last night’s multiple state defeats is to actually stand up for something that benefits Middle and Lower class Americans and a REAL tax reform/cut bill is just the place to start doing so.

How wonderful would it be to have politicians regardless of party affiliation working for the needs of their constituents instead of the deep-pocket special interests that swarm over the D.C. corridors of power like locusts? Go ahead and call me naive but I still see the potential for that kind of collective leadership. It may not be probable but it’s still possible.

I haven’t given up on good people working together to accomplish good things just yet.