D.W. Ulsterman’s RACE WARS: Sadly, Fiction Meant As Warning Turns Into Reality

A corrupt government and media machine turns its own people against each other in order to further divide and conqueror. Insignificant differences in race/religion/socio-economic standing are purposely magnified to create division, hatred, and violence.

That was the premise of my recent RACE WARS series. Sadly, once again, that fictional scenario is becoming our collective reality. It seems every day America is turning against itself. We can feel it, can’t we? Groups pushed and pulled, manipulated, marginalized – it’s a dangerously volatile cocktail with serious repercussions.

It’s White Nationalists vs Black  Nationalists vs La Raza vs conservatives vs liberals vs gay vs straight vs rich vs poor vs man vs woman…if it wasn’t so dangerous it could be dismissed as just stupid and silly and sad.

In RACE WARS the protagonists represent outward diversity in color, religion, and experience but those differences are nothing when compared to what they all have in common – the yearning to live the promise of what American ideals are meant to truly stand for:  freedom, opportunity and self-determination. The color of one’s skin means little. The god they choose to worship – or not, isn’t relevant. Their place of birth or social standing? Who cares. Their sexual orientation? Nobody’s business but their own.

Those marginal differences are nothing if we don’t first exist in a free society that allows people to live and let live.

Ah, but how easy it is to divide and conquer when you convince a people their differences mean everything. Small slights become cause for societal war. Hurt feelings the motivation to destroy. And we all become weaker in the process.

And so in RACE WARS  the battle lines were drawn. The monolithic power lurches its way across the American landscape burning everything that opposes it while diverse pockets of resistance fight to survive.

You watch the news today and see it unfolding – fiction becoming terrible reality.

One nation divided into many.

It breaks my heart.



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