D.W. Ulsterman’s Playlist For 3/30/2016: Dean Brody’s “BOUNTY”

Me and the Little General are loving this gem from Canadian singer, Dean Brody who delves into his own Gaelic roots and delivers a fine and fun little song that gets the boots a tappin’,

And in a not-so-indirect sort of way, it manages to mirror something of my own past while doing so…

Sometimes I miss my daddy
Sometimes I miss my mom
But I think they’d be real proud of me
To know the man that I’ve become

We took shelter in a chapel
‘neath the blood moon sky
I bought a gun and made Shannon my wife
We jumped in a box-car to old Mexico
Where I ain’t worth a penny of my bounty back home
No I ain’t worth a penny of my bounty back home…

Give it a listen – and if you like it, give it another!


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The government wanted his land. He just wanted to be left alone.

The Irish Cowboy, available:  HERE

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The Irish Cowboy, available:  HERE