D.W. Ulsterman’s Most Patriotic Songs Of Freedom & Liberty

The freedom to think what you want and say what you feel.

That was America and we want it back.

With that in mind, here is a short list of some of my personal patriotic songs of freedom and liberty…

Merle Haggard is a left-leaning patriot of the old-school variety. He knows a bit about hard times, and he loves living in a country where people are allowed to disagree, but he also thinks we should all be respectful of that right.

Here is his ode to that belief, The Fightin’ Side Of Me:

Another one from a left-leaning singer. Mellencamp hits the heartland notes just right, and his music has held up well over the years primarily because it exemplifies the collective yearning of  those who realize the good old days really were in many ways, a much better time for America:

First played in 1862 amidst the horrors of the American Civil War, Taps remains the most dignified, yet gut-wrenching rendition of a nation honoring its fallen:

Elvis Presley’s career is in many ways a reflection of the culture his presence helped to shape. From the conflicting brash/shy swagger of the 1950’s, to the often playful silliness of the 1960’s, to the more introspective extravagance of the 1970’s, Elvis was there as a symbol of it all. Here he is in 1973 in what was the first satellite-transmitted global concert singing what remains perhaps the very best version of An American Trilogy: (and on a personal side note, I recall watching a videotaped version of this years later with my mother and at the 3:35 mark, she let out a little “mmmmm” sound and then declared, “Now that there is a MAN!”

Johnny Cash was cut from the same Southern cloth as Elvis, and penned what remains one of my personal favorite patriotic reflections of what the American flag represents. Here is The Old Ragged Flag:

In today’s oddly anti-American politically-correct climate, this song has been unfairly held up as a sign of racist Southern pride. As is so often the case with the intellectually shallow liberal mindset, nothing could be further from the truth. It is a far more complex song than that, but at its core, it is a celebration of family and tradition within the context of a world falling away from itself. It always makes me feel fortunate to be able to call America my home:



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The government wanted his land. He just wanted to be left alone.

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“Really lays out the plight of America’s ranchers as they face big government that seems to only want to shut them all down…”

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