D.W. Ulsterman talks “Bowman Boys”

With a release date now just a few weeks away, author D.W. Ulsterman takes a moment to let readers know a little more about his latest novel, The Bowman Boys via some questions posed to him by his editor:

Q: What’s the story about?

A: At its heart, The Bowman Boys is about a family trying to survive in a difficult place at a difficult time. Though it takes place during Prohibition in the 1920s, those basic themes of family and survival make it timeless – sort of a backwoods version of Game of Thrones.

Q: What would be the story’s main genre? Action? Thriller? Mystery? Romance?

A: All of the above. There’s violence and some quiet, tender moments as well – just like real life. At least, real life for some of us. It’s a tale that should appeal to all kinds of readers.

Q: Describe your protagonist.

A: The main protagonist would be the Bowman family patriarch, Levi Bowman. He’s flawed but well-intentioned. His four sons walk a similarly fine line between “good” and “bad.” For Levi, everything comes back to family. He’ll do anything to keep them safe. That’s both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.

Q: Describe the antagonist.

A: I can’t say too much there because that would give the plot away. What I will say is this – the fight against conformity, needless rules, government oppression, is a prevailing theme. Anyone who believes a person’s home is truly their castle will really appreciate this aspect of the story.


The Bowman Boys is scheduled for release in July of 2018.

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