D.W. Ulsterman On The Rise Of America’s Prepper Nation (Mac Walker & Race Wars Related)

Those of my readers familiar with the MAC WALKER and RACE WARS series know well the strong prepping thread that runs through each of those stories. For Mac Walker it was a slower progression as he goes from government gun for hire to a man who realizes the globalist web he finds himself ensnared in and then eventually flees to a remote Alaskan outpost called DOMINATUS where the older and wiser version of himself is responsible for helping to keep others who fled the collapsed American society and the oppressive House of Saud-funded, globalist regime that took its place.

RACE WARS is even more straight up prepper fiction as several lives slowly begin to intersect following widespread and increasingly violent racial strife within America that is first initiated by government forces who then find they are unable to stop the violence they created.

Both stories have one very important thing in common: Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

And now this morning Drudge has a front page story related to the growing prepper phenomena in America titled, Prepping for Doomsday: Bunkers, Panic Rooms, and Going Off the Grid. While some might chuckle at such article titles, not nearly so many are doing so today as might have just a decade earlier.

There is a deepening realization that with the ever-increasing rise of government reliance by millions comes even greater risk that should government then collapse, so too would much of society itself, the very premise that is the backdrop of my RACE WARS series:

“Are you fully prepared to defend family and friend from a world gone mad?”

The ability to survive the initial collapse and from there secure access to water, food, and shelter and then protect those things from others is the essential component to prepper philosophy – a philosophy that, despite the claims of detractors, is not based in paranoia or mere anti-government posturing, but rather basic common sense:

“Hope for the best while preparing for the worst.”

I give Drudge deserved kudos for bringing knowledge of this fundamental right to prepare to the site’s millions of daily readers. It’s an important message worthy of fair-handed consideration that includes the following information that should be considered by everyone who thinks basic SHTF preparation is as common-sense to a family as a fire drill:


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