D.W. Ulsterman on Why the Media and Political Elite were so Wrong about the 2016 Election…

I watched, bemused, as the pre-Election Night pollsters and pundits lined up to declare Hillary Clinton the winner before the first votes had actually been counted. There was something brewing in America, a volatile concoction of dissatisfaction with the very status-quo that had for so long ignored them – that Silent Majority that was to be silent no more.

A great turning of the tide had arrived, but those responsible for conveying such things apparently had no knowledge of the political reality that was closing in all about them.

“The best fortress which a prince can possess is the affection of his people.” 

-Niccolo Machiavelli


Donald Trump had the affection of his people. It was an affection the media and political pundits could not understand, and therefor, refused to acknowledge, and that would ultimately be their undoing. For months they collectively vilified the New York billionaire in broad-stroke terms of racism and misogyny while failing to realize the trap they were actually setting for themselves.

Americans have grown weary of political correctness and group-think that would make words and thoughts weapons to be banned by those who deem themselves our betters.

That is not to say everything Donald Trump said was acceptable by conventional standards of modern society. He was, during certain unscripted times, rude, brash, and clearly out of his depth in matters of policy and procedure.


The tone-deaf media never grasped that important facet of Donald Trump’s growing popularity. Instead, these elitists dismissed it outright with laughter and ridicule:

What the above example actually represents is a parody of a parody, a comedic performance in which the exaggerations are so blatant as to make the participants the one worthy of ridicule and derision. While the elitists chuckled and guffawed, Middle Class America shook its head, turned it off, and prepared to vote on Election Day.


The aftershocks of Donald Trump’s victory will continue to be felt for some time. What we do know is that women supported him in far greater numbers than any of the media and political elites earlier suggested was possible – as if THEIR opinion would once again determine YOUR mind.

Trump also enjoyed significant support among minority voters, despite constant media declarations that such support would never materialize.


And so, America now has what amounts to our first 3rd Party candidate having won the White House. Donald Trump represented something far greater than merely a Republican candidate. Trump 2016 was, as the candidate himself so often and correctly noted, a movement. His support extended beyond party lines, as is now so clearly confirmed by his remarkable victories in states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, longtime Democrat-dominated territory that have not been contested by Republicans since the days of Ronald Reagan.

The once-great American Middle Class, regardless of color, gender, or sexual preference, is sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Donald Trump spoke to that fatigue, that sense of despair, and yearning to be great once again. His opponent, Hillary Clinton, failed to make a similar connection. She lacked the affection of the people, and despite billions spent on her campaign, and the efforts of the Mainstream Media, that lack of affection proved fatal on Election Day.

No-one can say for certain if Donald Trump will live up to the great hope and responsibility to so many millions who delivered him last night’s election victory.

What I do know, is that for the good of ALL America, I pray he does.



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