Hello everyone!

I sincerely hope you are all doing well.  The last few months have been quite busy on my end.  Foremost among this busy time was the high school graduation of my son.  He did so with honors, and will be attending university in the fall.

My daughter begins Drivers Education in the fall as well.  Egad!  She will be a sophomore this year, and is already hinting at her excitement over moving from home. Next stop – empty nest!

The newest member of the family is now a one year old Doberman. Dublin is doing well, has an incredible amount of energy, and has recently taken to running after the swallows that cut across the field in the afternoon.  She has yet to catch one, but seems determined to keep at it.  She’s actually watching me work on this newsletter right now, wondering when it’s time to go outside and play.

On the work side of things (always work!) I am now finishing up with my next full novel, The Irish Cowboy.  I am very proud of how the story developed, and as earlier outtakes shared via Facebook and Twitter already suggested, it is by far my most personal story to date.  Hopefully the readers’ interest will match the time and dedication I took in writing it.  It is a story many years in the making and at times, took me to places I had yet to explore as a writer.  Please stay tuned for the release date, which is now coming very soon! I will announce it at ulstermanbooks.com, and via social media.

As for my other works already available, there appears to be a growing interest in the character of Frank Bennington, particularly the third and  most recent telling of his tale, Take Two And Call Me In The Morgue.  For those who have not yet taken the leap into the world of Bennington P.I., I encourage you to do so.  The fourth installment of the Bennington series is tentatively schedule for October of 2014.  I have included the cover art in this newsletter – you are seeing it first before anyone else!

Check it out!






















Readers were first introduced to Frank Bennington in The Second Oldest Profession.  Bennington then proved himself to the T3 Group in Bonita, and then Take Two And Call Me In The Morgue.


With this next novel, Bennington will be a full fledged member of the T3 Group and find himself immersed in a world far more dangerous and deceptive than even a man who had made his living working the halls of Congress, could have imagined.  It is a story that will also include the involvement of Alexander David Meyer.  Those who already read my novel DOMINATUS should recall that very important character.

But first is the publication of The Irish Cowboy!

Thank you all for your continued support. Any help in getting the word out regarding my books is greatly appreciated.  While this venture as an independent author is an exciting challenge, the emphasis remains on the challenge part!

I have never worked so hard in all my life, and yet loved every bit of it.  And as always, I will continue to bring timely news and events via my blog at ulstermanbooks.com.  The November 2014 Election is almost upon us and as many of you already know, America needs us now more than ever.

God Bless,

-D.W. Ulsterman

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