D.W. Ulsterman Is Going Straight To Hell And That’s Fine By Him…

The wife (aka The Little General) sent this my way as a recommended listen a few weeks back. It reminded her a bit of my newest novel, The Bowman Boys, of which illicit alcohol sales and gambling played a prominent role. She also liked the Rat Pack vibe the video conveyed – of which I fully agree. ( I’m a longtime Rat Pack fan and Luke Bryan pulls off a pretty darn good Dean Martin impression here.) 

After a long day of pounding the keyboard in the hopes of creating interesting characters with equally interesting things to say I like to unwind just a bit before making my return to the castle for some late-night chillaxation. Most often music is the means of doing so and this song has been getting some heavy rotation of late as I do a poor man’s version of clogging while my ever-present companion Dublin the Dobie pretends not to notice.

I spent quite a few years attempting to define myself on my own terms but who am I kidding? For better and worse—these are my people. 

We might all be going to hell but we damn sure are gonna do it our way…



“A visit into another time with the places, dialogue, character development and constantly twisting plot outguessing me at every turn. Superb.” -David Whitfield

The Bowman Boys (The Sultan Saga Book 1) by [Ulsterman, D.W.]

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