D.W. Ulsterman On The Increasingly Volatile Trump vs Comey Fiasco

What a strange time it is in American politics. I have longtime liberal acquaintances demanding we start a war in Syria and longtime conservative friends applauding the President’s decision to allow states to legalize marijuana. Up is down, Democrat is Republican and vice versa. It would be a lot more fun if it wasn’t so exhausting.

And then there’s the matter of James Comey. 

President Trump called the former FBI Director a “slimeball” who is possibly deserving of jail time. I don’t support a president talking in those terms. The thing is, though, Donald Trump is right on Comey.

It wasn’t so long ago there were a whole lot of Democrats saying much the same thing. When he was FBI Director James Comey was leaking classified information to the media. He also appears to have engaged in obstruction of justice during the Hillary Clinton email server investigation. That’s just two examples of Mr. Comey’s long and troubled list of alleged crimes. Then Donald Trump fired him (at the recommendation of Comey’s #2 at the FBI, Andrew McCabe) and all former anger toward him from the Establishment Media was forgiven. Mr. Comey’s image was transformed from the scourge of the 2016 Election to a public servant deserving of sainthood. He was rewarded with a fat book deal and is now traveling the country promoting said book to any and all media outlets that will have him.

Oh for the days when our FBI Directors conducted themselves with “take-it-to-the-grave” professionalism.

As for Comey’s book, I was told by a (liberal) friend who was given an advance copy that it is little more than the whining rants of a self-important psychophant. (Yes, that’s how she spelled sycophant. She still blames Comey for disrupting the 2016 Election.)

Given what we already know of Mr. Comey that sounds about right. Apparently, there is nothing new in the book. No great revelations. No insights beyond the narrow but self-important views of Comey himself. He clearly despised Donald Trump at the outset and was happy to do all he could to hamper the then-incoming President.

I don’t care what side of the political field you prefer to play on, that’s not right. Every new president deserves a chance – Donald Trump included.

The hatred some hold for Donald Trump is unbalanced, disturbing, and likely increasingly dangerous to the well-being of this country. As I’ve said many times before, there is plenty to disagree with regarding Trump policies (or his quite unique personality) without jumping full on into outright obsessiveness to see him destroyed.

There is also much to like about the Trump administration. The non-partisan numbers fully support such a claim. Unemployment is way down while job creation is way up. Minorities have been doing especially well in Trump’s America which likely accounts for his historic (for a Republican) support in those minority communities. Innovation is on the rise. ISIS is all but destroyed. Opportunity for all is greater. Roadblocks to success are less.

These are good things – things to be celebrated.

Yet our media chooses to attack and further divide so that it might conqueror.

If Donald Trump loses reelection in 2020 it should be on the merits (or lack thereof) of his first term not on some insanely obsessive anti-Trump media machine that buries the truth, exaggerates falsehoods, and repeatedly deceives the American public.

We are not Democrats. We are not Republicans. We are not liberal. We are not conservative.

We are first and foremost Americans with room for all of the above affiliations – and more.

I recently asked someone I know who truly hates Donald Trump where that hatred comes from. She couldn’t point to any specific policy that makes her feel this way. She had no idea of how well the economy was doing, how low Black unemployment was, how ISIS had been decimated, the hundreds of thousands of jobs being created due to improved trade agreements etc. The totality of her hatred for the president came down to her insistence Donald Trump was “mean”, that he was “racist”, and that he was working for the Russians.


None of those things are true with the possible exception Donald Trump is sometimes mean.

I know she’s not alone in her views. Possibly many millions more in this country share it.

That scares me. A lot.

The reason why is because it emphasizes just how willfully ignorant we are.

Some of the things I dislike about President Trump is his willingness to continue the ominous levels of deficit spending, his too often unfiltered use of social media, and his recent leaning into an all-out conflict in Syria.

Trump isn’t perfect. No president ever is and I’m fine with that. I’m not perfect either. None of us are. If he’s still around and running in 2020 I might vote for him and I might not. What I won’t do is hate him for running.

Why would I? Why would anyone?

And yet so many do…

D.W. Ulsterman is an author, educator, socio-political commentator, and the creator of the popular San Juan Islands Mystery series.

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