D.W. Ulsterman On The Horrific Chicago Hate Crime Facebook Video

I have, as I often do with such things, waited to comment on this topic. I find it better to allow the information to more fully disseminate, witness public reaction, and then yet more reaction to that initial reaction, prior to making my own thoughts known.

Well, said time has passed and it is now time to discuss what was recently and so tragically done to a young, mentally challenged young man in Chicago that had four other youth holding him hostage, cutting him, all while gleefully declaring their hatred for Donald Trump and all white people.

I’ll do my very best to keep the tone civil – but no guarantees.

The above is a screenshot capture of a young white man with special needs who was (allegedly) kept prisoner for some 48-hours, tied up, beaten, burnt, his scalp cut into, and repeatedly mocked and threatened by these four black youth as they broadcast the torture live via Facebook:

The flick burning cigarette ash on the head wounds they inflict in the process.They laugh, they jeer, then one of them shouts: ‘F**k Donald Trump, n***a, f**k white people!’

Where to begin, right?

When confronted by something so troubling, it is difficult to find the words that convey any semblance of comprehension or understanding toward such a thing. I would actually prefer it be proven as yet another hoax. Yet, as troubling as what these shockingly ignorant and hateful young people did, it pales in comparison to the collective reaction of a Mainstream Media that is right now at this very moment, working to downplay the horrors committed against the abused by his four abusers – an act done in the name of hatred against white America and Donald Trump.

It makes no sense – at least to those of us more truthful and honest regarding what was done to that young man held captive in Chicago. A real hate crime took place, apparently in the name of blatantly false allegations of racism against Donald Trump.

Prior to running for President, Trump was a hero to many in the black community, and certainly among some especially high profile black leaders.

All of that changed when he announced his intent to run for President of the United States as a Republican. Suddenly, decades of being a proponent of black culture, black neighborhood revitalization, (and certainly a significant employer of black workers) was forgotten by a media intent on mocking him and creating allegations of racism without proof.

And so the lie was told, repeated, and told again.

There is much one could rightfully oppose Donald Trump on. His brash, outspoken manner is understandably a negative to some. So too is the potential for trouble his political inexperience might create in the coming months and years. It could be argued his reputation as a sometimes bully is well deserved. As a younger man, he was a billionaire playboy, bedding many, but appearing to love only himself.

I am willing to concede the validity of any of those negative qualities to the man who will soon be this nation’s next President.

What I won’t concede is the lie that Donald Trump is a racist, for there has been no evidence to suggest that accusation to be even remotely true, but it is an accusation that has been made over and over again, and now we come to see the dangerous result. A white handicapped man was taken hostage, tied up, and beaten for being white at a time when Donald Trump is to be president.


Regardless of one’s political affiliation, or if you support Donald Trump or not, nobody with a shred of decency and basic humanity can condone or try to excuse such a thing as something less than what it really is – pure, unfiltered, and very-very dangerous hatred.

Eight years earlier, America learned a young, charismatic black senator named Barack Obama had for twenty years, attended a racist Chicago church that repeatedly spewed vitriol against Jews and other groups, including placing blame for the September 11th terror attacks on America’s support of Israel. I was personally offended by the facts surrounding Mr. Obama’s affiliation with that church, but not once did I consider using it as an excuse to do harm to others. Just the opposite. A rational and reasonable mind understands that racism originates from all colors, but the ignorant choice of some should never be applied to all, and I held out hope that perhaps the racism of Mr. Obama’s longtime pastor did not extend personally to Mr. Obama himself.

Since this most recent election, there has been story after story, often repeated by the Mainstream Media, regarding “attacks” on minorities in the name of Donald Trump. Once those stories were quickly debunked, the media failed time and again to follow up with the proof of those hoaxes, while at the same time, ignoring real assaults being perpetrated against Trump supporters as this headline makes clear:

Fake Hate Crimes Going Viral, As Real Violence Surges Against Young Trump Supporters

How far has our culture fallen when the disabled are beaten in the name of skin color and/or political views? And how much lower will we allows ourselves to fall until finally we as a country decide enough is enough?

2016 was a contentious, divisive election cycle to be sure – but now it’s over. Life goes on, for ALL of us. If Hillary Clinton had won, I would have prayed that she be guided by principal and action that would prove the greatest benefit to the greatest number of Americans regardless of race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

It appears that in this version of America, that makes me rather old fashioned. Perhaps even out of touch.

Now how sad is that?

If Donald Trump fails to do right by America, then America will have its chance to kick him out and find someone who will in 2020. Until then, each one of us is responsible for doing the best we can in the present, and for the future.

Is that too much to ask?



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