D.W. Ulsterman On, “Hold The Door!”

So I’m sitting down on the couch with the Little General watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones last night, generally pleased with this season’s progression as it attempts to fit a wide array of plot twists and character interactions into a limited space of time.

And then comes the “HODOR” revelation at the episode’s conclusion…

The character of Hodor has always been a secondary one, but last night the half-giant was front-and-center in one of the most poignant and well-crafted scenes of the entire series.

As a writer, I sat stunned at how long the “HODOR” phrase had been played out over the course of several seasons and how remarkably well it culminated with the episode’s conclusion and took a minor character and transformed him into one of the story’s most endearing in a perfectly edited interplay between past and present (and a still-unknown future) that left this writer wishing he could have thought of something so brilliant.

Well played, Game of Thrones.

Well played.




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