D.W. Ulsterman On Colin Kaepernick’s Soldier’s Field Humiliation

Full disclosure – I despise multi-millionaire NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. He is a spoiled brat of clearly limited intelligence who has, through his disregard for those who have made his ability to be paid millions of dollars a year for throwing a football, (often badly at that) possible.

So please forgive me if I’m smiling ear-to-ear as I view the highlights from Mr. Kaepernick’s historically poor performance on a football field named at the request of Gold Star Mothers for American soldiers who gave their lives in WWI.

Kaepernick recently wore a t-shirt showing support for now-dead Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro. Clearly Mr. Kaepernick is not aware of the most basic of Cuban revolutionary history that had the Castro regime brutally beating and killing a number of minority groups, very much including Black Cubans, who Castro deemed inferior.

The Chicago fans had no patience for Kaepernick’s now parody-rich self promotion efforts by way of “protest” and gave him an earful right before the Bears repeatedly pummeled Kaepernick into the ground:

I take no issue with anyone engaging in protest on their time – even if its done by someone with such an absence of historical clarity as a Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick is not protesting on his time though, but rather the time of a privately-owned enterprise called the San Francisco 49er’s  that is itself part of a larger private entity known as the NFL.

And as NFL ratings continue to decline, the silliness of figures like Kaepernick threaten to cast a shadow over the entirety of the league. That is not to say that Kaepernick is not addressing serious issues – he is. The problem is found in his doing so with so little semblance of real understanding, or sincerity – and perhaps it is that lack of sincerity that now makes him so despised by so many regardless of race.

Colin Kaepernick admitted he doesn’t vote. He has shown he knows nothing of figures like Castro, and perhaps even less about the history of the Black Panthers, Malcolm X, or Martin Luther King. His “protest’ is the intellectual equivalent of a parking lot puddle, an annoyance quick to dry out underneath the light of truth.

And now he can’t even play ball with any consistent success. The 49er’s are in last place with a pathetic 1-11 record. Attendance  is in decline as the quarterback appears to be spending more time on his t-shirt of choice than preparing for a game he’s being paid millions to play at an elite level before fans who have paid top dollar to see just that.

America should have ongoing, real and honest discussion of things related to race, our inner cities, the political plantation that has decimated minority families over generations, etc.

Colin Kaepernick is not helping to see those discussions take place, but rather is a pathetically misinformed, clownish distraction from them.

Let’s hope he stays on the bench. Perhaps there he’ll have more time to think, and actually engage himself in some much-needed self-reflection.



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