D.W. Ulsterman On The Charlotte Riots

My long-running RACE WARS series continues to sell well.

I have mixed feelings about that, and when I see what is now happening in a beautiful place like Charlotte, North Carolina, those mixed feelings only intensify.

Let me explain.

RACE WARS is a story based upon an all too real premise of government-inspired animosity between groups of Americans. Self-promoting politicians pit one group against the other in the hopes of furthering their own ambition.

Sound familiar?

Leaving the political component aside, I would like to focus on the widespread and ongoing media malpractice that has permeated the entirety of the destructive Black Lives Matter movement that has so often been the genesis for the kind of animosity that manifests itself in people who become so willing to set fire to their own neighborhood.

Bad cops do exist, and when caught, should be punished accordingly. Sadly,  excessive force does happen, and when realized, those responsible should be (and most often are) prosecuted.

Where I part ways with the manufactured outrage that dominates efforts like Black Lives Matter, is the disconnect between their alleged offense taken, and the actual offense being committed, as it relates to the concept of actually trying to save Black lives. The vast majority of shootings of young Black men by law enforcement (officers who are also often Black) are legitimate.

Let me say that again.

The vast majority of shootings of young Black men by law enforcement (officers who are also often Black) are legitimate.

What Black Lives Matter has done is to magnify those almost singular illegitimate shootings, and in doing so, it is destroying Black neighborhoods, endangering Black/Brown/White law enforcement lives, and setting race relations in America back to a point not seen in decades.

And the truth really is out there for anyone who cares to see.

Black lives DO matter, but unfortunately, apparently not to some within the Black community, or the white politicians who profess to care when election time comes around.

Black on Black crime, including murder, is reaching historic levels. Places like Chicago are literal war zones, with multiple shootings between young black men occurring every day, shootings that also take the lives of children, the elderly, and a long and tragic list of other innocents.

And yet, the media sheds few tears for those Black lives, and fewer still are shed from those who have anointed themselves as “Black leaders.” Black Lives Matter has taken the thing that made America so unique, and in turn so strong – its DIVERSITY, and is now using that diversity to destroy us from within.

That is not to say legitimate concerns cannot be voiced by Black Americans. They can, and SHOULD be raised. The same goes for any group who calls this nation home. We are granted the right to address grievances. But in doing so, we cannot devolve into something even more grievous, deplorable, and dishonest, than that which we are speaking out against.

Yes, it’s a cliche, but being so makes it no less true – DIVIDED WE FALL.

I hope this country begins to heal from the discord that has weakened it in recent years. I hope minority concerns are raised in such a way that honest introspection takes place, so honest solutions can actually be proposed and implemented. And I hope all of us, but particularly those recently blessed with being born in this wondrous America, will have the benefit of potential that previous generations enjoyed.



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