BREAKING: American Teen, Two Others, Captured By Terrorists

Have yet to see a single mention of this via the Mainstream Media.  Reports out of Israel this morning that three teenagers, including an American citizen, were abducted by terrorists.  It appears Barack Obama’s newly formed “trade with terrorists” policy is already bearing some very rancid fruit…

(Israeli officials are blaming Hamas for the disappearance of three teens – including an American.)


Here is an excerpt from the YNET report:


A senior state source said after the meeting, “This event is a direct continuation of escalation in Judea and Samaria since Abu Mazen (Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas) allowed the terrorist organization Hamas to join the Palestinian government.”


Israeli security forces have been scanning the Bethlehem and Hebron area on Friday after three yeshiva students, aged 17-19, went missing Thursday night. Police was also checking whether there was a connection between a burnt car that was discovered near Hebron and the disappeared teens.


Note how quickly conflict appears to have escalated shortly before, and now after, the Bergdahl 5 for 1 terrorist swap.  Iraq is falling to terrorists.  The Taliban are re-emerging as the dominant power in Afghanistan.  Iran is mere months away from being a nuclear power.  China is extending its authority against Japan.  Russia appears intent on rebuilding much of the former Soviet era sphere of influence.  The Mexican government holds a U.S. Marine in jail, as our own president says nothing.


The Unites States is now viewed as a greatly diminished, secondary world power, and the world is far less safe because of it.


VOTE – 2014.