Blake Shelton’s Hilarious Anti-Elf Christmas Video

Blake Shelton + a giant dancing turkey + “Why are there little people?” = Hilarity.


“I’m beginning to think you DO have a problem with little people…”




“Fabulous read! I love the Bennington series by this author and this latest book is a wonderful read. My only wish while reading it was for it to go on and on and ON!”  -ccrNURSE848

BENNINGTON P.I. Illuminati

“This is the age of nightmare, Mr. Bennington…The fate of the world is at the razor’s edge. It intends to cut deeply, and blood will flow.”

Longtime D.C. politico turned private detective Frank Bennington finds himself fully immersed in the “world behind the world” where humankind are but pawns in an ages-long battle between truth and deception, light and darkness.

The few remaining among the covert T3 Group face an increasingly powerful enemy that now moves more aggressively to finalize its plans for complete and unrelenting domination that would make slaves of us all.

BENNINGTON P.I. Illuminati