D.W. Ulsterman: Why Bernie Sanders Supporters Scare The Hell Out Of Me…

As a high-schooler growing up in America during the 1980’s, I can recall a world in which the commies were evil, and America was the last best hope for humankind. We had a president named Reagan, movies like Red Dawn, and an overall attitude that we were blessed to be growing up in the single greatest nation on earth.

And then came 2016 and Bernie Sanders, and I’m left shaking my head wondering how it all went so very wrong.

Bernie Sanders always looks as if he can’t find his keys.  American politics has long had figures such as him, but they remained fringe characters, well outside the mainstream of our collective political landscape. Can anyone imagine a devoted socialist garnering millions of supporters and such favorable media coverage in the 1980’s?

Hell no.

He would have been mocked, perhaps even vilified, and viewed as an abject embarrassment to the Democrat Party.

Not so in 2016.

Bernie Sanders, a socialist, has millions of supporters, most of them under the age of thirty, who often appear just as conceptually disabled as the man they so enthusiastically follow:

These youth are utterly self-obsessed to the point of debilitation, with no working understanding of even the most basic socio-economic fundamentals:

And they appear quite motivated to see the last vestiges of America utterly destroyed.

This Sanders generation is the direct result of an educational system that does very little actual educating and far more community organizing where students are transformed into shallow activists seeking temporary feel-goodism while ignoring real work, real effort, and the potential to be a real citizen of this nation.

They have allowed themselves to be molded into an army of malcontents, easily manipulated to take up one feckless cause after the other while the very earth crumbles beneath their oh-so-ignorant feet.

America might burn, but all they wonder is if they’ll be able to take a selfie of it when it happens.

They have been given no historical context for the evils of socialism and its even angrier sibling, communism, and how those ideologies are responsible for more death and oppression than any other during the modern era of human history.

“Socialism is about being social.”

That is a direct quote from a social media page devoted to Bernie Sanders.

That kind of ignorance scares the hell out of me. I’m a father of two. I worry about this country’s future, but as much as has so noticeably regressed in America the last twenty-plus years, I cannot help but worry over how more quick and disastrous that regression will be over the next twenty years when a socialist presidential candidate like Bernie Sanders is so enthusiastically embraced by millions today even as millions of American who came before this current generation sacrificed their lives to defeat the very political ideology Bernie Sanders demands we now embrace.

Ignorance generally isn’t dangerous unless it is shared.

For those who’ve witnessed a Bernie Sanders political rally, you know well the spectacle of seeing such profound and dangerous ignorance on display in such frightening proportion.

From the Greatest Generation, to this…


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