Barack Obama’s “Terror Trade” Celebrated By America’s Enemies

By tomorrow, hopefully most paying attention will have heard about the odd (and possibly illegal) prisoner swap the Obama administration just initiated with the Taliban – the very group that played a crucial role in helping carry out the September 11th, 2001 Twin Towers terrorist attack against the United States.

The faces of Barack Obama’s 5 for 1 prisoner swap.


The potential illegality in what the Obama administration did is that this Gitmo swap was done without any Congressional input or review.  (A premise that is currently the leading story on DRUDGE)


Leaving that aside for now, I wish to focus on how blatant is the Taliban’s celebration of having five of their members allowed to be relocated to Qatar. (where they will inevitably be given their freedom) This celebration is a signal to all in Afghanistan, that the Taliban is once again fully in control of that country.  Please note that the prisoner swap was finalized just days after Barack Obama himself gave a speech affirming the departure of most U.S. forces from Afghanistan.  The President of the United States has sent a very clear message that America is willing to defer to terrorists across the globe.  That is dangerous insanity to the nth degree, and mark my words, it will cost the U.S. dearly.  The United States has never appeared so weak, so feckless, as it does after six years of Barack Obama being the face of this nation.


The next thing I wish to point out is the equally disturbing press conference with freed Sergeant Bowie Bergdahl.  Barack Obama stood in the Rose Garden with Bergdahl’s mother and father, and proceeded to thank the government of Afghanistan (Taliban), and Qatar for helping to secure the sergeant’s release.  While very pleased to see Bowie Bergdahl on his way back to his family, I was struck by the visual being presented at the Rose Garden press conference.


This was followed up by Bowie Bergdahl’s father Bob speaking in fluent Arabic because, he said, his son was having trouble understanding English.  That may very well be true, but it was somewhat jarring to have Mr. Bergdahl then also praise Afghanistan, Qatar, and “international governments” for the release of his son as Barack Obama stood next to him nodding his approval.  Can’t quite explain it, but it just felt a wee bit “off”.


At any rate, here is a more detailed breakdown of the five Taliban operatives swapped for Sergeant Bergdahl by the Obama administration.  These are some very bad men who would like nothing more than to see all of America burn.

I look at those resumes and am left asking some very basic, but pertinent, questions:


Why trade five dangerous terrorists for one soldier?

And why these particularly high profile, very dangerous, Gitmo detainees?

Why was this deal kept from Congress?

Lastly, WHY NOW?  This entire situation feels like a signal.  Is it a signal to the “international governments” noted in the Rose Garden press conference?


Methinks going down into this particular rabbit hole would be a dangerous endeavor indeed…




  1. Lee June 1, 2014 Reply

    Congress should be all over this. They should have been notified. If they let this slide we know they are all complicit in this. This has got to be a precursor to a false flag. Who would think after years of torture these men will not attack. Obama has some serious questions to answer. This is tantamount to treason. With all his talk of National Security his actions are contradictory. He can’t just change the law or policy without Congress. This just makes the outing of the Afghanistan CIA agent suspect.

  2. inspr44 June 2, 2014 Reply

    This transaction reeks of a hidden agenda. Speculating, what amount of money did the DNC receive from foreign donors for the release of 5 dangerous terrorists under the guise of a trade for a soldier? This smells of another Valerie Jarrett action.

  3. paul joven June 5, 2014 Reply

    it’s so obvious but no one says it: Obama has an agenda pro- guess who.

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