As Fox Mulder Returns, We Remember Duchovny’s Hank Moody…

I’m as excited as any other longtime X-Files fan to see the show coming back in mini-series form starting this week. The X-Files was must-watch TV for me during my now long-ago halcyon days of university youth. At the end of every week my then-girlfriend, (who I remain married to almost twenty-five years later) and I would settle in for our weekly X-Files fix.

Years later we shared another David Duchovny show together as well – Californication.

There was a fumbling, devil-may-care appeal to Duchovny’s portrayal of displaced New Yorker, Hank Moody to the land of sand and silicone that is Los Angeles. Moody was a person of  faults both great and small, and yet at his core, he was a good man in a place dominated by self-interest and fabricated morality.

The best scenes of Californication’s multiple-year run were those times when we as viewers could share in Hank Moody’s internal prose – his truth. It was then all of the trappings of sexual conquest, seeming indifference, and fortunes made and then squandered were set aside in favor of the simpler and yet far more profound reality that Hank was basically a man who wanted to be loved by the two most important people in his life – his would-be wife and the daughter they shared.

And so while I will always have a nostalgic fondness for Duchovny’s Fox Mulder, it is Hank Moody that I find this current version of myself having the greatest affinity for.

Welcome back Mulder.

Long live Moody…

(WARNING: Adult Language)


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