Arnold Palmer’s Final Message To Golfers & Fans

Just a little over a month before he passed, Arnold Palmer made an appearance at the Royal Golf Club in Minnesota, which his course design company is working in conjunction with fellow golfing great, Annika Sorenstam’s design company in a major redesign of what was once the Tartan Park golf course.

Palmer was clearly frail, but his physical abilities were actually somewhat improved from an appearance months earlier at the Masters when he was having difficulty standing, let alone walking. Here, he is able to do both, and delivers a message to those listening, to have fun and enjoy themselves.

For much of his life, Mr. Palmer did just that.

Mr. Palmer’s last weeks of life would soon be dominated by his attempt to improve what was a rapidly worsening heart condition. He had lost his appetite for food, but not his appetite for life, and according to his longtime friend and fellow golfer, was fighting to win until the very end.

Palmer knew more than most about how to win, but even his considerable grit and determination could not overcome that final opponent – the passing of time.

He was more than merely a great golfer.

Arnold Palmer was a great human being.



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